Joe London Yoga and the BNS Iyengar Yoga System. 


Joe London Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training Course Review.. Written by Benjamin Lubbock 2015. 
In May, I completed my 200-hour Ashtanga TTC with Joe London. 200 hours packed into a month sounds daunting and I expected it to be one of my most intense experiences. It was, but with the quality of the teaching and content, as well as Joe’s constant encouragement, it was also one of my most rewarding experiences.

 I have honestly never learnt so much. I gained so much confidence to go on and teach what I have been taught. From only knowing the primary series, Joe led me through the intermediate series in such a way that I now know how I might do the same for others. While Joe was always there when needed, he also encouraged a sense of independence – he gave me the tools and the knowledge so that I might use them myself. As a result, my personal practice has never been so strong and regular.

 Having travelled from an early age, Joe has an awareness of how to explain and discuss the finer details of the anatomy, theory, philosophy and ancient yogic texts in easily understandable, international English. This is also due to the fact that Joe has about 18 years of experience in this field and has been a teacher for almost a decade. Considering how youthful he seems, he has a plethora of insights to impart. This may be thanks to his teacher, Sri Master BNS Iyengar, with whom Joe has dedicated over 10 years of his time and with whom I partly studied during the TTC. Together, Joe and Iyengar have close to 100 years of experience and it was an honour and a pleasure to have had this opportunity. Spending time and studying with the both of them, I could see the influence that Iyengar has had on Joe and the mutual respect that they have for one another.

 In short, over the course of the Joe London Academy TTC, you will go further, in body and in mind, than you have ever done before; you will have the confidence to teach others in private classes or in large numbers as I have done; and you will have a friend as well as great teacher in Joe. I thank him for the difference he has made to my life and come his 90th birthday, I can see him being regarded as a great master like BNS.

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